Five-channel synchronized video installation, 20 min, Greece 2020



In the five-channel installation Aeonium, five plant-nursery employees speak about a mysterious disaster, a “terrible event”. They respond successively to unuttered questions, while cultivating a plant of the genus Aeonium. The plant, an enigmatic remnant of an abandoned world or the symbol of a new era, imposes its own temporal regime. The artist notes: “In a plant nursery, the circle of life continuously ends and begins again. Uprooting and constantly transplanting a succulent creates an endless vicious circle of life and death. 5 persons are trying to understand what was that which happened to them. They try to exist again. They try to explain the unexplainable”. Aeonium evokes a suspended condition between movement and stasis, speech and silence, deterioration and regeneration, discontent and anticipation, monotony and variation. It depicts a world hermetically closed and protected from external conditions, yet transparent and susceptible to change.
Anna-Maria Kanta. (Taken from the catalogue published on the occasion of the solo exhibition “George Drivas. Structures of Feelings”)



“George Drivas. Structures of Feelings” (solo exhibition) Annex M, Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall, 2020



“The Tides of the Century”, Ocean Flower Island Museum, Hainan, China, 2021

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2020

The Riddoch Arts & Cultural Centre, International Limestone Coast Video Art Festival, 2020